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Previsão do Tempo

Rules for summary submission

Publication rules

a) Summary characteristics

Only original summaries of researches in different areas of rice crop sent via electronic mail until June 28, 2015 will be accepted.

At least one of the authors must register as a participant of the congress when sending the summary. Each  participants to send up to 2 summaries.

Authors are supposed to assume overall responsibility for opinions and concepts expressed in their summaries. Before being sent, summaries must be proofread by two proofreaders from the same institution whose names and electronic mails must list in the SUMMARY REGISTRATION FORM. After the sending of the summaries they will be sent an automatic message informing them that they have been mentioned as proofreaders on the occasion of the submission of the summaries. 

The Technical-Scientific committee will not make any corrections of the summaries. They will be evaluated based on its technical quality, clarity, and pertinence to the event. Summaries that either do not meet such requirements or are not according to established rules will be sent back to the authors and excluded from the program.


Each summary must be prepared as follows:

·       Summaries must be prepared using Word for Windows, and saved in PDF with a maximum size of 1.2 MB.

·       Summaries may be written in Portuguese, Spanish or English and must have 4 pages at the most, including: title, authors, keywords, introduction, material and methods, results and discussion (including charts and pictures), conclusion, acknowledgements, and bibliographic reference. Sheet of paper must be size A5 (148 x 210 mm), top and right margin must be 1.5 cm, and bottom and left margin must be 1.7 cm, with simple line spacing. Do not number pages.

·       Title must be written in the center, in capital letters (upper case) using Arial font, size 10, in black color and boldface. The authors’ names must be listed right after the title separated by a blank line, using size 7 Arial font, and centralized alignment. Identify authors’ affiliation using crescent Arabic numerals, in superscript. The main author’s  academic titles, institution, address, and electronic mail must be mentioned in a footnote. Keywords different from the title must be in size 8 Arial font, in black and   lower case.

·       Summary Text must be written in size 8 Arial font, in black, using simple and justified space between lines. Paragraphs must present a 0.5 displacement. Summary text must be divided into items as follows: Introduction, Material and Methods, Results and discussion, and Conclusion. The item Acknowledgement is optional. Bibliographic reference must be listed after that.

·       International System of Units must be adopted. Avoid abbreviations excepting those that have a more conventional usage. Scientific terms must be printed in italics.

·       All charts and pictures must have a title and at least one reference in the text and they must also be inserted close to where they are mentioned as an active part of the document, and within the margin. They may be presented in either size 7 or 8 Arial font. Charts must not be colored and will not be accepted if sent in separate files. It`s advisable to paste photographs and pictures as advanced metafile or bitmap. 

·       Bibliography must be written in size 8 Arial font and be according to NBR 6023 of ABNT (2002) and the following examples. Do not use abbreviations for the titles of journals and do not leave any blank lines between references.

Journal Article (2 authors): FAGERIA, N. K.; CARVALHO, M. C. S. Comparison of conventional and polymer coated urea as nitrogen sources for lowland rice production. Journal of Plant Nutrition, New York, v. 37, n. 8, p. 1358-1371, July 2014.

Journal Article (with more than 3 authors and available online): WALTER, L. C. et al. Mudanças climáticas e seus efeitos no rendimento de arroz irrigado no Rio Grande do Sul. Pesquisa Agropecuária Brasileira, Brasília, DF, v. 49, n. 12, p. 915-924, dez. 2014. Disponível em: . Acesso em: 26 mar. 2015.

Material with online access: CONAB. Levantamentos de safra: 2º Levantamento grãos safra 2014/15. Disponível em: . Acesso em: 26 mar. 2015.

Dissertation or Thesis: CARVALHO, M. T. de M. The impact of wood biochar as a soil amendment in aerobic rice systems of the Brazilian Savannah. 2015. 160 f. Thesis (PhD) - Wageningen University, Wageningen.

Summmary or complete article in event: DIAS, T.; SANTOS, N. R. dos; SANTOS, A. Diálogos para conservação e uso da agrobiodiversidade. In: CONGRESSO BRASILEIRO DE RECURSOS GENÉTICOS, 3., 2014, Santos. Anais... Brasília, DF: Sociedade Brasileira de Recursos Genéticos, 2014. Resumo 755. 1 CD-ROM.

Book as a whole: GOMES, A. da S.; MAGALHÃES JÚNIOR, A. M. de. (Ed.). Arroz irrigado no sul do Brasil. Brasília, DF: Embrapa Informação Tecnológica, 2004.

Book chapter: SILVA, J. G. da; CUSTÓDIO, D. P. Colheita. In: BORÉM, A.; NAKANO, P. H. (Ed.). Arroz: do plantio à colheita. Viçosa, MG: Ed. UFV, 2015. p. 220-242.

Summary model

  •  Arquivo para edição no word (modelo_resumo_cbai_2015.doc)
  •  Modelo de resumo em PDF (modelo_resumo_cbai_2015.pdf)


Summaries must be submitted solely via the Internet through the online registration form by informing the registration number of at least one of the authors. Each summary must be sent separately but just once. The main author will receive an automatic message via email within 3 working days confirming receipt of the registration form

Information on summaries acceptance must be sent after review carried out by Editorial and Proofreaders Committee ad hoc. In case of not receiving the acceptance within 15 days after the deadline for summary submission, please contact the Organizing Committee through the email comite.cientifico@cbai2015.com.br or the telephone number (53) 3275-8477.



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