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Local do evento

Theatro Guarany
Rua Lobo da Costa, N° 849
Centro - CEP: 96010-150
Pelotas - RS

(53) 3275-8447

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Registration includes:

  • Participation in scientific activities;
  • Visitation to field related products and services fair;
  • Materials (participant notebook and pen) and identification badge;
  • Certificate of participation;
  • Oral or poster presentation certificate;
  • Cocktail party;
  • Coffee break during event.
  • Simultaneous interpreting for presentations conducted in English ; 




August 6,2015

At the event

( From August 14 to August  8) (2)

Students (1)

R$ 270.00

R$ 300.00

Professional and member of SOSBAI (3)

R$ 400.00

R$ 450.00

Professional non-member of SOSBAI

R$ 450.00

R$ 500.00


R$ 150.00

R$ 150.00

1) Proof needed (updated version of certificate of enrollment in a university or college must be attached)
2) Depending on availability
3) Queries: consult: congresso@cbai2015.com.br
4) Allows participation to the Congress opening cocktail party and coffee break.



Until August 6, 2015

At the event (August 11-14)

Any category

R$ 100.00

R$ 120.00



Undergraduate and graduate students’ registrations, with different values, will be accepetd under submition of certificate of enrollment in their respective university or college. Such certificate must be digitized and attached to the system. Such certificate must be submitted on the occasion of registration.


Registration fee receipts may be printed directly from the site of the event (in case you are a student, a certificate of enrollment will be required in order to output receipt on the site). In case you are not able to print receipt, please contact the secretariat of the event: contato@cbai2015.com.br


Certificate of participation, as well as certificates of oral and poster presentation will be handed in at the end of the event.

Registration cancellation right

Request for registration cancellation will be accepted until July 10, 2015. 80% of the registration fee will be refunded, bank and operating rates deducted. Refunds will be made from November 1 to November 5. After this date, registrations will be canceled but with no fee refund. Cancellation with fee refund will be only accepted in those cases in which submitted summaries (one or two) were not approved by the Organizing committee for the Brazilian Congress of Irrigated Rice, therefore leaving the applicant without a work to be presented.   



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